Most Advanced Japanese Agricultural Technology – Although the condition of Japanese land is not as good as the land in other country, but the quality of food from its agricultural products have world quality. The key to the success of the country in providing high quality agricultural products is not spared from technological technology that is more advanced than other countries.

Japanese agricultural technology can be considered very complete either from the process of planting to the harvesting process. In addition, support from the government and researchers also has a very big influence in the success of agriculture in this country. here are some advanced technologies applied to agriculture in Japan

  1. Genetic Engineering of Rice Breeding

Japan has high quality food results not escaped from their development in the field of research, especially in the conduct of genetic engineering. Although such a move has begun to develop in …

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New TechnologyThis breakthrough could change how we ingest drugs sooner or later, and likewise stop dangerous side affects in mediations that do not dissolve very well.

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