Here are 6 Latest Current Japanese Agricultural Technology



Most Advanced Japanese Agricultural Technology – Although the condition of Japanese land is not as good as the land in other country, but the quality of food from its agricultural products have world quality. The key to the success of the country in providing high quality agricultural products is not spared from technological technology that is more advanced than other countries.

Japanese agricultural technology can be considered very complete either from the process of planting to the harvesting process. In addition, support from the government and researchers also has a very big influence in the success of agriculture in this country. here are some advanced technologies applied to agriculture in Japan

  1. Genetic Engineering of Rice Breeding

Japan has high quality food results not escaped from their development in the field of research, especially in the conduct of genetic engineering. Although such a move has begun to develop in other countries, but Japan is the only country that manages to maximize this genetic engineering.

  1. Use of Paddy Planters

Most of the activities undertaken by the people of Japan can not be separated from the use of advanced equipment, not least in the field of agriculture. Japan has a sophisticated rice planting machine called Rice Transplanter with this tool can facilitate farmers in planting rice, in addition to more easily, the machine used can provide neat results. Indonesia actually has started to develop a similar machine, but not many farmers who use this technology.

Currently almost all types of rice planters in Japan have implemented self-propulsion type technology that can be operated by driven or driven depending on the distance groove.

  1. Treatment

Most of the farmers in the world in the treatment such as spraying pesticides and fertilizer is done manually and takes a long time. A different thing is shown by Japanese farmers. In this country, the provision of fertilizers and other treatments is only done by one person with the help of a tractor designed in such a way. With this machine they only need a shorter time and easier in care.

  1. Rice Harvesting Tool

Today’s rice harvesting tools are less efficient, these tools require at least three people to operate in the harvesting process. Technology from Japanese agriculture has agricultural equipment that requires only one operator to operate it. By using this tool the work of course more leverage.

  1. Cloud Computing For Agriculture

Apparently in addition to utilizing sophisticated equipment, farming in Japan also has them computerized in their farm. One of them is with the use of Cloud Computing. The system made by Fujitsu, is said to have been used by several agricultural agencies operating in Japan.

Cloud Computing is those that are made to detect rainfall predictions of environmental moisture by placing a number of sensors in the plant area. The data received by these sensors is synchronized in one and can be monitored through a smartphone or tablet PC. With this technology, it is expected to minimize the occurrence of crop failure due to unexpected Japanese weather conditions, but it is also expected to improve the quality of the harvest.

  1. Agriculture In Building

Japan in particular Tokyo City is the largest metropolitan city in the world that has many skyscrapers. But who would have thought if in the city of Tokyo has agricultural land that has a large area. The agricultural area is inside the building.

Pasona 2 is an area of ​​paddy fields developed and managed by Pasona Group. The uniqueness of this rice field area is its location which is located in the basement of its 27 floor building in the Business District area. In this limited area use technology that can grow rice without the help of sunlight.

As a substitute for sunlight, using advanced technology to control rice plants can grow well such as the use of lights and computerized temperature controllers. In addition to rice, Pasona 2 has at least 100 other plant species such as fruit, vegetables, flowers and various spices.

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