Luis Enrique introduces new technology into Spain training sessions

Luis Enrique is gaining something of a reputation for his innovative training methods and ahead of Spain’s upcoming fixtures against Switzerland and Portugal, a new addition was present during practice.

Previously Luis Enrique has had a tower installed at the side of the pitch at Las Rozas so that he can observe the session from a height. In their last international call-up, he also had a giant screen installed next to the training pitch so that he could do video analysis quickly and in detail during training.

On Tuesday the Spanish media team released a video showing off Luis Enrique’s gadget. Lucho had a radio that he could use and it was connected to the GPS vests that the players were wearing, with another radio inside them.

Lenexa Police using new technology to send texts after 911 calls

The Lenexa Police Department is using new technology to keep people safe. It’s called SPIDR Tech and Lenexa is one of the first departments in the country to use it. The technology sends text messages to some callers after they talk to a 911 dispatcher. The messages could include the status of officers on the way to the call, how to prepare for the arriving officers, and the case number of the report. Danny Chavez, the public information officer for Lenexa Police, said he hopes this will improve the customer service experience for callers. “We think it’ll be a positive thing just in terms of police communications with individuals, again, enhancing the customer service experience,” Chavez said. “We know that if someone’s calling us, it’s probably already a bad day to begin with.”He said the text messages will take the burden off the individual to reach out to the department …