There is no doubt that sound affects our brain in a fascinating way and its emotional power should not be ignored. The affective nature of sound can be exploited in any learning and to exploit it there is no better platform than SoundCloud.

SoundCloud is a social platform that allows you to upload and share audio files online. The best comparison would be a Flickr for sound recordings instead of photos. For this reason it is especially known for those users who want to promote and distribute their musical projects. However SoundCloud is not limited to exclusive music, but any type of audio can be uploaded on this network: A poet shares his verses, a doctor his advice, a comedian his jokes and a teacher, his lessons.

A priori you might think that because it is a social network, its use in the classroom is very limited. But SoundCloud is …

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Graphic designers have embraced the technology of displaying advertisements on huge LED and LCD monitors as a form of digital marketing. This type of advertising new products and services into the market is called digital signage and has several advantages over the traditional print advertisement options such as newspapers, banners, and flyers, among others. Digital signage displays are common in businesses such as hotels, hospitals, schools, train stations, airports, restaurants, and bus stations. If you’re interested in contracting a digital signage service provider to install this advertisement option on your business’s premises, consider following these guidelines:

The Size of Agency

It’s vital to consider the size of the digital company that you’re hiring. If you like dealing with household brand names, you can contact some of the renowned companies that offer digital signage services. In fact, the established companies have large portfolios that you can review to get a feel …

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