How to Select the Perfect Digital Signage Companies

Graphic designers have embraced the technology of displaying advertisements on huge LED and LCD monitors as a form of digital marketing. This type of advertising new products and services into the market is called digital signage and has several advantages over the traditional print advertisement options such as newspapers, banners, and flyers, among others. Digital signage displays are common in businesses such as hotels, hospitals, schools, train stations, airports, restaurants, and bus stations. If you’re interested in contracting a digital signage service provider to install this advertisement option on your business’s premises, consider following these guidelines:

The Size of Agency

It’s vital to consider the size of the digital company that you’re hiring. If you like dealing with household brand names, you can contact some of the renowned companies that offer digital signage services. In fact, the established companies have large portfolios that you can review to get a feel of what to expect and be confident about the service you’ll get. But if you think your business will need a more personal service that is customized to suit your needs, you can achieve a bespoke digital signage project by choosing a hands-on service provider.

Location of the company

Although geographical locations have a less impact on SaaS businesses, the time differences it takes to get the installations and keep up with various maintenance practices is worth bearing in mind. If the company that you choose is outside the country, you should make sure that its customer support lines are open during your working hours. Click here to confirm the logistics surrounding the hardware installation processes and delivery charges.

The sectors the company serves

Most digital signage companies tend to specialize in specific fields. For instance, you can find a digital signage company that is working closely with advertising experts in the retail industry. Although it doesn’t mean that a company that specializes in a particular field is not suitable for your business because they don’t relate, you can compare facts and examine the bulk of their previous projects to see whether it’s a good fit for your industry. Don’t be a pilot project client for the company in your specialty.

Pricing and transparency

Just like in most business sectors, it’s easy to come across a digital signage company that is not transparent in many aspects, including but not limited to pricing. Companies’ that don’t give you exact prices and keep including some phony hidden charges in their contracts are red flags that should be skipped. Ensure that you keenly compare the upfront fees against the ongoing charges to judge whether it’s a viable option before you sign any contract. It’s important to get what you’re paying for in terms of transparent services. Business owners get shocked when they discover that most software licenses for their products are annual and not lifetime as they initially thought when investing in the welcome rates.

Commitment to support and training

If you don’t have an in-house IT expert, you should consider asking the potential companies that you interview whether they offer ongoing support and training. Even though most software companies offer ongoing customer support, you shouldn’t assume facts. If you have a large marketing team that is contented in creating credible salesy content for your market, you ought to discuss the training part with the digital signage company.


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