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Although not officially confirmed, there have been a ton of leaks surrounding Modern Warfare 2’s third mode called ‘DMZ.’ This is set to be an Escape from Tarkov-inspired extraction game, so here’s everything we know about the mode so far.

Traditionally, a Call of Duty game comes with three modes – campaign, multiplayer, and Zombies/Spec Ops. While Warzone 2 is in development alongside MW2, according to leakers, Modern Warfare 2’s third mode will be called ‘DMZ.’

A ton of leaks and rumors surround DMZ but with nothing officially confirmed, so we recommend taking this information with a pinch of salt. Here’s everything that’s been leaked so far, including how the DMZ mode works, its expected release date, map, and marketplace.

Modern Warfare Ghost using SPR sniper rifle

What is Modern Warfare 2’s leaked DMZ mode?

Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ is set to be an Escape from Tarkov-themed extraction style game mode. This is where players load into the map and must battle both other players and AI before extracting loot which can be used again or sold.

Thanks to leaked images of MW2’s menu, it seems DMZ (demilitarized zone) will be the official name. The mode has reportedly been in development since late 2018, and industry insider Tom Henderson quoted an anonymous dev, who said: “This has been built from the ground up with the mode in mind, it’s not just an afterthought.”

In Escape from Tarkov, anything you take into the raid will be lost if you die, meaning taking high-tier loot comes with a high risk/reward, and DMZ will reportedly have the same mechanic.

While DMZ’s gameplay is still shrouded in mystery, CoD leaker ‘Reality’ claims to have discovered information related to DMZ in Warzone Mobile’s game files.

The game files revealed plenty of strings for the DMZ mode, which detailed the various objectives and missions players are expected to uncover.

modern warfare 2 ghost

Some of these objectives include searching marked areas for radioactivity, destroying supplies, finding intel, and extracting.

The leaked information also hints that rescuing hostages could also be a major aspect of DMZ.

Does Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ have a release date?

According to leaker TheGhostOfHope, DMZ is set to arrive with Modern Warfare 2’s launch on October 28 but will arrive in beta.

Hope quoted their source, who explained: “Something like the DMZ doesn’t become final until the general public has gotten hands on it. It’s a large mode that needs maintenance.”

Rumors had begun to swirl about DMZ potentially being a free-to-play experience like Warzone. However, Tom Henderson shot down these reports and claimed that DMZ will not be free-to-play. According to the insider, DMZ will be part of the game package for those who purchased Modern Warfare 2.

Despite the fact that players have yet to receive confirmation of the DMZ mode’s existence, a leaked Warzone 2 ESRB rating seems proved that the mode is on the way. DMZ was mentioned in the rating summary, which suggests that the mode is indeed ready for release.

It’s interesting to note that DMZ was included in the Warzone 2 summary and not the Modern Warfare 2 summary. Early leaks led players to believe that it would be part of Modern Warfare 2’s offering, but we’ll let you know if that changes once new information comes to light.

Leaked Modern Warfare 2 DMZ map

Tom Henderson believes Warzone 2 and DMZ will share a map, but other leakers TheGhostOfHope and RalphsValve claim it will have several.

Tom Henderson has long believed that the DMZ will share its map with Warzone 2, which is reportedly set in Central America and will feature classic MW2 maps such as Highrise, Quarry, and Terminal.

Henderson claims a source sent them an image of the DMZ map, and they were able to verify that it was indeed a DMZ. “Now nearly six months on, a newly acquired source has sent me the Warzone 2 map, which is identical to the DMZ map,” he explained in his eXputer report.

DMZ and Warzone 2 map drawing

Then, Henderson put together an initial drawing of the Warzone 2 and DMZ map according to his information. As you can see from the drawing, water, and the new swimming mechanics should be a major factor in the DMZ map.

However, TheGhostOfHope and RalphsValve have claimed since November that there will be multiple DMZ maps. Hope appears adamant that there will be around four but without DMZ being official, there’s no way of knowing for sure.

DMZ mode reportedly brings marketplace with tradeable items

According to the GhostOfHope, Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode will bring a marketplace where “items can be bought and traded.” This sounds similar to Escape from Tarkov, where players can buy, sell, and trade their loot with other players.

In the same leak, Hope claimed that “You are able to earn skins, blueprints and more from ‘DMZ’ that are usable across Multiplayer and eventually Warzone 2.” They don’t believe you’ll be able to trade Blueprints, though.

Of course, neither Activision nor Infinity Ward have confirmed the existence of the DMZ mode, so take this all with a heavy pinch of salt.

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 are only a couple of months out, but you can check out everything we know about Warzone Season 5 in the meantime.

Image Credit: Activision

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