Nissan Develops New Tech That Can “Inactivate” Viruses

Nissan announces that it has worked with Tohoku University’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences to develop a new technology that inactivates viruses.

According to the release, the collaboration leverages “Nissan’s technologies and expertise in automotive development, and the Tohoku University faculty’s technologies related to drug development, drug evaluation, and other pharmaceutical sciences, catalyst preparation, and catalyst performance evaluation.”

Nissan's New Tech That Inactivates Viruses

How radical catalysts work

So how does this new tech work? The technology uses organic nitroxyl radical oxidation catalysts, or otherwise known as radical catalysts. They are used as additives in the polymer base materials of automotive paints, as well as in the fiber and organic polymer materials used in vehicle interiors and exteriors.

In Nissan cars, radical catalysts prevent photodegradation reactions such as cracking, embrittlement, and fading over long periods of time. The automaker has been researching and developing other uses of radical catalysts in an effort to make the most of

Sycamore International Inc. batch on iron-flow batteries, solar power and the Inflation Reduction Act

In a repurposed mushroom barn in Chester County, Sycamore International Inc. recycles electronic equipment, including refurbishing 30,000 old laptops a month for resale. Steven Figgatt, Sycamore’s chief executive, says his West Grove company is all about the circular economy.

In keeping with its sustainable mission, Sycamore earlier this year installed a rooftop solar system to convert its operations to renewable energy. But Figgatt, 36, only declared his company’s freedom from the electric grid in late August, when he commissioned a new innovative battery storage system that assures his business is supplied by solar power even when the sun isn’t shining.

“We’re calling it our Energy Independence Day,” he said.

Figgatt went out on a limb with his choice of energy-storage technology, selecting a novel system called an iron-flow battery, the first of its kind on the East Coast.

Iron-flow batteries are among many promising grid-scale energy storage technologies that