Internet as opportunity for cartoonist: a case study

We all know internet is a beautiful place where every individual can find the right place to fit in.
Beside this, whether your passion is photography, writing, drawing comics and so on, you’re surely going to have multitude of opportunity to share your passion with other people who have the same interest as you.
Internet is also an opportunity for people, who may not have great visibility, to share their work and to have direct feedback about it.
This can happen with almost everything but it looks like art – in all of its forms – is the main user of this opportunity.
If we pay attention and make a one minute research we are going to find out that exists thousands of websites whom the main aim is to help artists share their works. These websites help artists create a community where to share ideas, works and even selling them like it would happen in an art gallery. This happens because for a newborn artist is really difficult to get noticed.
But now things are changed, we no longer live in a world where art business can be reached only through the Church or by being contacted by some rich aristocrat who wants his human-size portrait on the wall of his house.
A great example is the case of the cartoonist Ivan Jurkovic and his comic Iron Clawed. Ivan is a young cartoonist who one day came up with the idea to make his work public and here comes Internet and its possibilities. He has his own website where to share his comic and thousand of followers that read it.
The other big thing about internet is that there are no restrictions: you can paint, write, draw whatever you feel to. Indeed, always having Iron Clawed as example, it is a dystopic comic about a neverending World War 2; the main characters are part of a team of three soldiers – each with a specific qualification – who are sent on the front line for the first time.
It looks like the author of this web comic found his place in the big crowd of internet and this shows us how big internet’s possibilities are.

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