7 Electricity-Efficient and Pollution-Free Electric Vehicles

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Technological developments in the digital age today is so rapid. Many innovations in various aspects continue to grow. Creativity and uniqueness color the various facilities fill our lives.

This time, the innovation to be reviewed is technology in the field of transportation. These vehicles are very unique in terms of shape, function and forming elements. All these vehicles do not use fuel as their energy source. In addition, other advantages are these vehicles do not cause pollution as motor vehicles.

  1. Seev-800

SEEV-800 is an electric scooter whose source of energy comes from electricity. The process of getting it through charging. That is, this vehicle has a battery element. Since this motor does not have a motor-like engine, the noise level is very low. In addition, this scooter also does not cause smoke that contaminates the air in the environment. The speed can be set on the handle, there are brakes and speedometers that can show how much battery capacity remains in use, and speed in kilometers.

Another advantage, this product has a limit of 1500 times the process of charging, 1 time charging can travel as far as 80 km, and has a wide foot buffer and make it comfortable when driving.

  1. Kubo

Kubo is the same electric scooter as SEEV 800, it’s just that this design is slightly different. At Kubo there is room to store and hold the position of goods under the feet. In addition to not cause noise and air pollution, this scooter is also suitable for a courier.

  1. Row Bike V2

Row Bike is a bicycle-shaped fitness machine. How to use it very easy simple. Go forward and back down the bike’s handle then the tool will run as the movement continues. Compared to the existing fitness equipment in the room, this fitness tool makes it easier for users to breathe the outside air and can reach any place as it pleases. It also does not require electricity as an energy source.

  1. Arca Board

ArcaBoard is a vehicle that can mengawang aka take you flying with a height that is not large. This vehicle can be controlled to turn or move, can use the application on the phone as well as body movement itself. Shapes that can provide stability, durability and safety contain tremendous power inside.

Inside there is a box of chargers used to recharge ArcaBoard in 6 hours. In addition, there is also a high-power electric fan with a maximum thrust of 200 kgf (430 lbs). That’s why the Arca Board can take you on a road without a wheel.

  1. Hydrofoil Bike

Hydrofoil Bike is a bike that can be used when crossing deep water such as ponds, rivers and the sea. The level of security is quite high because the design allows users to ride the bike again despite falling while driving on the water. The materials that make up this vehicle come from strong Carbon Fiber Hydrofoils such as steel.

  1. Jetfoiler

This one vehicle is very exciting if you use to cross the ocean. Jetfoiler is a modified surfboard that is electrically powered. Its position when used can be seen hovering over water. At the bottom, there is a supporting pole so that the position of the surfboard remains flat and upright. This surfboard movement is controlled using a remote control.

  1. Eagle E1

Eagle E 1 is a skateboard board that is small and easy to carry anywhere. The innovation of this vehicle is capable of climbing the hill and has a speed of 11 miles per hour. In addition to playing around, Eagle E 1 can also be used to visit the desired places like campus, office, school, market and park. Without worrying about congestion.

that’s a line of anti-pollution and fuel vehicles that you can use to look different this year. Good luck.

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