Enabling Workflow Efficiency in Data-Reliant Industries


Over the years, media formats have become more data-intensive. This presents a sharing and storage challenge for data-reliant companies, institutions, and organizations. On the bright side, data management and content storage technology has also progressed to meet these challenges by offering diverse solutions for different types of customers.

Multimedia Storage & Sharing Solution

In a shared storage network, users can upload different types of content which other users can access. But for some companies and organization, managing huge amounts of data requires more than just having a storage and sharing set-up. In some cases, companies that deal with data-intensive content also require a workflow feature that allows users to edit and perform other tasks while using the platform. Companies are always looking for ways to streamline their operations. This is where innovative workflow solutions come in.

Users typically perform additional tasks when editing a video or audio file saved on a shared server. In an ordinary system, they would have to retrieve a video or audio content, download the file, make edits in another program, and then upload the file to the server. The whole process takes quite a while to complete.

Addressing Flexibility and Efficiency

Film, television, and broadcast media is just one industry that requires a reliable and efficient workflow storage system. Ideal broadcast storage sharing workflow solutions facilitate collaboration between teams working on a media project. The right system would allow interfacing with different content formats and media devices, without any compatibility issues. In the age of social media, content producers also branch out into other broadcast forms such as vlogs and podcasts.

Game development is another industry that can benefit from this system. The industry produces interactive gaming media that requires creating several components, including audio and visual elements. Today’s education sector also relies on efficient data storage and management, especially research institutions. In terms of teaching methodologies, online course modules have become mainstream. This requires production quality video and audio content. Without a high-performance workflow solution, video and audio quality might be compromised. Consumers typically go for high-resolution content, so maintaining production standards is important.

Evaluating Storage & Sharing Solutions

Companies have different ways of identifying their storage needs. Evaluating the current data and content management system could be the first step in identifying gaps and improvement areas. Getting a handle on the amount of data that the server receives and processes on a daily basis is another step.

Also, the applications being used for processing and developing content should also be assessed. Does the system provide a reliable backup plan? Can it handle the influx of multiple collaboration among project teams? These are just some of the things to consider when identifying the criteria for the company’s ideal storage and sharing setup.

A reliable and flexible storage solution provides several benefits to customers. Providing a safe and secure system for data-intensive content is one of these benefits. With the ever expanding need to provide digital content in various industries, the right system would be able to handle other workflow aspects, thus saving the company time and money.

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