5 Advanced Robot in The World

Remember the movie Transformer? The film features scenes of robotic riveting. For you lovers of robots is certainly no stranger to the film. Robots in Transformers impression is sophisticated and attractive. Apart from this, robot technology is now more modern and sophisticated. Each year advances and sophistication of manmade robots created. Many robots intelligent and sophisticated man-made.

Japan is a country, a country that is known to have the ability to create sophisticated robots and has a powerful ability. Not only Japanese, American also began to create robots that less sophisticated. Manmade robots is also called a smart robot. How not, there are robots that have the ability as well as human behavior. No one can cry, laugh, dance, sing and catch insects. If you want to buy a sophisticated robot, use a credit card that could save money in the reviews in www.hottopcreditcards.com.

In fact there are robots that have the ability to express sadness, disappointment, pleasure, anger, and other expressions. The existence of such sophisticated robots can be used to assist human life on this earth. Obviously if the robots are put to good use. In this world there are robots created by human art, so not only in the movies alone.

Asimo Robot

Asimo is a humanoid robot that has the ability to perform activities like human beings in everyday life. This robot is a robot created by Honda in Japan. Asimo has a height of about 130 cm tall and weighs 54 kilograms. He was able to walk with a speed of 6 km / h. The hallmark of Asimo is she dressed like a man with an astronaut suit and backpack in tow. Interesting is not it?

Robots that have high like a 12-year child can perform tasks such as operating a light switch, open the door, and worked at the desk. He also can jump, hopping on one foot, push the drink cart, make flask, carrying a tray of drinks, and poured a glass of juice.


The robot was developed by NASA that the space agency of the United States. It belongs to a humanoid robot. Robonaut is an acronym for Robotic Astronaut. Yup, this robot is functioning as an astronaut. He was assigned to accompany human astronauts who were exploring space. We know that space is a space alien to humans, so it requires special equipment in order to perform activities there. Therefore, one who can help him is with the help of a robot. Robonaut body is made of aluminum which is fitted with Kevlar and Teflon to be fireproof and bulletproof. It goals to protected from the risk of burning and hit various fragments of asteroids.

Characteristic of Robonaut as well as the human body, it has a head that can be moved and has a pair of small camera that serves as the eyes. However, his body is only made up of the upper body which has a pair of arms and hands. While his legs only one leg which serves as a buffer body.

Murata Seiko-chan Robot and Murata Seisaku-kun

Again, Japan makes robot sophisticated. More and more types of robots created by scientists there. Is Murata Seiko-chan, a robot that is modeled like a kindergartner women. Robot creation of Murata Manufacturing has a sort of sensor to keep his balance.

The hallmark of this robot is that it stands with one wheel. But Murata Seiko-chan is able to control the wheel in one direction to the front and to the rear. No less sophisticated, Murata Seisaku Kun is the “brother” Murata Seiko-chan, able to control the two-wheeled bicycle. There is an electronic eye made of ultrasonic sensor makes this robot does not hit anything when engrossed cycling. While the brain helps to change the direction of the bike. Cool !

Home Assistant Robot (AR)

You are tired and tired of doing homework piling up? If you had a robot that this one might lighten your duties at home. Home Assistant Robot is, as the name suggests, AR is a robot housekeeper. They are designed to help with housework. Such as washing, sweeping, mopping and other household chores.

Robot T-52 ENRYU

Japan’s seemingly inexhaustible in designing various types of robots to help humans. This time, one of the most advanced robot in appearance are Robot T-52 ENRYU height of 3.3 meters. Robot created in 2004 is made for the purpose of helping the evacuation of victims of the earthquake and other disasters. Similarly, some of the most advanced robot in the world. Incredible, right? Many man-made robot is expected to be put to good use for a good purpose.

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