Which Definition Of Technology Or Metaphor For Technology Appeals To You And Why? The Reflective

Alan Kay, a brilliant polymath who has worked at Atari, Xerox, Apple, and Disney, came up with nearly as good a definition of know-how as I’ve heard. Expertise,” Kay says, is anything that was invented after you were born.” By that intelligent reckoning, vehicles, refrigerators, transistors, and nylon will not be technologies in our eyes — simply plain outdated stuff. But they have been once technologies for my grandfather. By the identical logic, CDs, the online, Mylar, cell phones, and GPS are authentic applied sciences for me – but not my kids! They’ll have their own technologies, invented in the last 5 minutes.

Except we examine interplay in its basic and concrete manifestations we can’t perceive the properties, constructions or legal guidelines of actuality. Not a single phenomenon in the world could be defined out of itself, with out taking into consideration its interactions with different objects. Interaction will not be solely the initial point of cognition but also its culminating point.

It took machines, in different phrases, to maneuver us from a mechanistic view of reality to a networked one. We now not view the mind as a type of computer, however as an alternative as a neural network; not speak of society as a well-oiled mechanism, but instead as a social network; and now not see the human physique as a machine, however as an alternative as part of the web of life.

SMART goals for the business: The enterprise is breaking even on operations (product price, wage and commission, lease and utilities) by May 1. When the summer tourist season hits, we make sufficient cash, each month, to cowl all expenses, together with advertising and promoting. During the Christmas rush, we earn enough to both actually increase advertising, or to allow the proprietor to attract a salary.

It appears that evidently the marketeers, the press releases, and an abundance of money flowing into those sectors have hijacked the definition of expertise. Individuals now learn the news and assume that technology comes from Silicon Valley? Sure, I would undergo you that a lot of the laborious-core know-how comes from IBM, Intel, and different Silicon Valley corporations – however that does not mean that all technology comes from Silicon Valley, or that it is the solely place where major strides are being made and damaged.


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