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Green Friendly Traveling

When it comes to living a green and environmentally friendly life, no one really thinks about long distance trips. Many people are of the opinion where they can live a green life daily, but when it comes to traveling for any amount of time, some of those lifestyle choices just go out the window, for necessity. But it’s different now, and there is no need to throw in the towel. There is no need to be overwhelmed, just take a few simple steps in the right direction. Whether you’re flying across the country, or just driving a few hours, you can make great steps to green lifestyle traveling.

From the start, think of what everyone needs while traveling. Everyone needs some luggage if you’re traveling for any significant amount of time. Few people, even those that are very green conscious, think of getting green friendly luggage for their whole family. You don’t have to stick with just one style or kind of suitcase either, there are a lot of prints and materials to suit everyone in your family, both young and old. Green lifestyle is all about making those lasting purchases that are good for the earth, and a tough and organic or recycled suitcase is a good place to put your money where your values are.

You can also bridge your eco-friendly lifestyle into the products you bring to drink out of. Not only will this save some waste from making its way into the landfill, but it will also save you some money, since airport drinks are one of the most overpriced items in the airport stores and restaurants. Don’t fill up your bottle at home, as security at the airport will make you empty it, but wait until you are on the other side and ask a restaurant to fill it at a small fee, or use a drinking fountain. There are all kinds of great insulated water bottles that you can take with you that won’t sweat water all over your other bag items. If flavor is more your style, you can select a bottle with a fruit diffuser and fill it at home before you go.

The final place to lower your footprint is through your snacking. While not everyone realizes, you can take most foods through airport security. Most snack foods have a lot of packaging that is wasteful and bad for the environment, so bring your own snacks in your own travel containers. As long as you don’t have liquids or dressings, you’re set to go.

While long-distance travel by plane or by car may not be the most green friendly activity of life, there are definitely some things that you can do to make your travel experience significantly more green. You can be proud of your choices as long as you’re trying to be more sustainable and organic as you purchase your travel supplies.
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