Know-how Advances In The Transportation Business? (2)

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And so two opposing world-views – the technological and the standard – coexisted in uneasy stress. The technological was the stronger, of course, however the traditional was there – still practical, nonetheless exerting affect, still too much alive to ignore. That is what we find documented not solely in Mark Twain however within the poetry of Walt Whitman, the speeches of Abraham Lincoln, the prose of Thoreau, the philosophy of Emerson, the novels of Hawthorne and Melville, and, most vividly of all, in Alexis de Tocqueville’s monumental Democracy in America. In a phrase, two distinct thought-worlds had been rubbing against each other in nineteenth-century America.

Sickness is much more effective than fatigue as an intensifier of suggestibility. Previously, sickrooms have been the scene of countless non secular conversions. The scientifically educated dictator of the future will have all the hospitals in his dominions wired for sound and geared up with pillow speakers. Canned persuasion will likely be on the air twenty-four hours a day, and the more essential sufferers will probably be visited by political soul-savers and thoughts-changers simply as, prior to now, their ancestors had been visited by clergymen, nuns and pious lay­men.

I refer to such narratives as the story of our origins through which America is brought forth out of revolution, not merely as an experiment in governance but as a part of God’s personal plan—the story of America as a moral gentle unto the world. One other nice narrative tells of America as a melting pot the place the teeming plenty, from anyplace, craving to be free, can discover peace and sustenance.

Ellul declared that ‘there could be no human autonomy within the face of technical autonomy’ (Ellul 1964, p. 138). He insisted that technological autonomy reduces the human being to ‘a slug inserted into a slot machine’ (p. 135). Critics of the notion of technological autonomy argue that expertise is itself formed by society and is topic to human management.


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