High Tech Eugenics (2)

It’s time to update this page. I’m searching for 2014 prophetic statements, predictions, and prophecies now.

Old age has not just about so much to do with passing several birthdays because it has to do with an intricate case of physical, thoughtful, social and financial scenario. Considerably, the aged have the same traditional perception and prejudice towards different old of us because the young, however they end off themselves independently from such unfair judgments.

Wanting on the Copyright Act, the Court noted that the exclusion of the daily information has its foundation in the freedom of expression. The aim is to exclude, from an unique proper of a single particular person, the type of objects, which by their nature, may unreasonably choke the public discussion”, for the reason that freedom of expression right here emanates into the bizarre regulation of copyright” (§ 35).

Ellul declared that ‘there will be no human autonomy within the face of technical autonomy’ (Ellul 1964, p. 138). He insisted that technological autonomy reduces the human being to ‘a slug inserted right into a slot machine’ (p. 135). Critics of the notion of technological autonomy argue that expertise is itself shaped by society and is subject to human management.

The online is semi-private, however not likely private. Our phones, then again, are truly personal. If we use the Nielsen ranking on TV, on the cell we know each single user. The mobile is the primary at all times on new mass media; it’s the youngest and least understood and also probably the most harmful new mass media — one which will supersede the web. With the cell, one has the flexibility to promote service through the cellular, to ship alerts of what is going on in other reside media codecs, like delivering by way of mobile alerts, when something is going on in the TV or Radio.


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