Expertise Meets Society (3)

Discover out that are the top ten art galleries and museums on the earth – primarily based on visitor numbers in 2013 – and how to go to them in individual or virtual reality.

Pupil privacy. We just lately wrote a bit in Medium on our considerations about new privateness laws affecting nonprofits that work in faculties. I had a chance to meet with staffers involved in the drafting of two key federal bills which might be most likely to be adopted, and shared my issues. This is what my workforce calls a karma gig. Benetech is going to be able to comply with any cheap legislation round pupil privacy, and we’re supportive of improved privateness requirements. But, we’re concerned about small nonprofits who aren’t Google, Facebook, Pearson or Benetech, and so they aren’t in a position to show up in a place like DC. So, we fill in for them.

It’s open source. It’s very, excellent. That makes encrypted telephone calls anyplace in the world without spending a dime. Even if you’re not fearful about security, it is actually a manner of saving money in your telephone bill. And then for those who’re utilizing Android, there’s a great app by the identical individuals who do Signal known as RedPhone, R-E-D-P-H-N-E. Again, it’s free. It’s supported by the US government.

To halt the unfold of reactionary insurance policies, gridlock brings a coma-like stasis. But the other part of an induced coma is that nature takes its course to heal the affected person. That’s happening, too. The reelection of President Obama held back the worst facets of the proper that Romney pandered to. It allowed 4 extra years for demographics to continue to outnumber the Republican base (the party has already misplaced the popular vote in five of the last six elections). Less observed however still good is the rise of a youthful era of Christian fundamentalists who don’t share their dad and mom’ rigid Bible perception.

One of the more interesting predictions for 2013 is that science will verify the presence of Earth-like planets in other star programs that are capable of supporting life, in accordance with our understanding of what is wanted to support life. A natural conseqence of this might be attempts to actually hunt down that life, affirm the statisticians predictions that it exists, find the civilizations that they have built, and finally build our own ships so we can go to the place we believe no man has been before.


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