5 Habits that You Should Avoid for a Durable Laptop

Laptop becomes one of the devices that helps your work easier. Especially in the midst of the current pandemic, where most employees are encouraged to work from home. It’s time to take care of your laptop and pay attention. Do not let the laptop is damaged and delay your work. Here are some habits that can strengthen laptops that are easily damaged as quoted from the ECR page.

6 Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your PC | PCMag

1. Using a Laptop on a Mattress

This habit you may often do when working from home. But this can make your laptop hot and damaged quickly. Because the fan on the laptop will not work properly because the mattress is stuck. And there is no air flow. It’s a good idea to place the laptop on a higher book mat or on a cooler material.

2. Putting Objects on the Laptop

Hinda put objects on top of laoptp .. Placing objects …

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