Secrets of Life In Space Station

The life of astronauts or spaceships in space often lasts a long time. Life in the place is much different from the normal life on earth. Eating, bathing, drinking, defecating, entertainment, internet and other life are very unique. In order to live comfortably for long periods of time, experts prepare advanced and specialized tools for life in outer space.

Mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) Six people from different countries will live life in a booth on Mars. Until November 2011, these six astronauts will perform daily activities, such as eating, sleeping and working as usual in a “booth”. This trial was conducted to determine the magnitude of the pressure facing the crew when following the space expedition. “This is the longest mission,” said the head of the experiment who is also an official at the European Space Agency, Martin Zell.

Life at Space Station

A space station, …

Why there is a Need for Online Test Software


In today’s world where every company aims to become a multinational company, every entrepreneur aims to have his/her own start-up, the need for a professional and efficient employee is high. Due to this high demand there needs to be a way to check if a person has the required skill set and is knowledgeable enough to handle various tasks. The only way to check for this is by conducting a test or an exam of the candidate. Preparing a balanced questionnaire is a tedious task and most of the time is very stressful.

When the notice is issued for a particular test for being eligible for a particular post in a company, many people apply for it even though they might not have the knowledge in the field. One way to reduce the number of applicants appearing for the physical screening can be an online assessment test.